Marc Devine…followed a kind of personal Taj Mahal pilgrimage: He’d been living in Austin, and the club he played at shut down, so he sold all his stuff and moved to Harlem, where he now lives one block away from Minton’s, one of the most important jazz clubs in the world.

Marc Devine moved to NYC in January of 2009 after establishing himself on the forefront of the Jazz scene in Austin, TX. In New York, Marc is making a name for himself as hard swingin’ pianist rooted in the traditions of bebop and swing and has already performed at venues such as Small’s Jazz Club, The Iridium, Cleopatra’s Needle, The Garage and many other venues both as a sideman and as a leader working with some of the best musicians in the city.  Since arriving in NYC, he has forged musical associations working with some of the great drummers and bassists in the city: Fukushi Tainaka , Jackie Williams , Jimmy Wormworth, Hide Tanaka, Neal Miner, and Hassan Shakur.  Most recently, Marc has recorded with Sebastien Chaumont for ITI Records and plans on releasing new trio recordings with them in the near future.

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  1. Heard you on KJAZZ this morning. I’m now a fan!

  2. I was at Cafee Loup on April 8 with my wife Mari Anne, Lenny and Ronnie. Digged your boppish piano, particularly in “Salute to the Bandbox”. Sorry to learn that Loup closed after 41 years due to tax issues. Planning to come to Cleopatra’s on Tuesday in case you will be appearing there.

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